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3 Houses not to miss

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We were all beguiled by the adaptation of Jessie Burtons best-selling novel "The Miniaturist" for BBC TV at Christmas. This cabinet house, custom-made as a replica of the iconic 17th century dolls house of the real Petronella Oortman in the Rikjsmuseum in Amsterdam, has nine rooms and is hand-painted with glazed doors and silk velvet curtains.

Not only will you have a chance to view this dolls house at the Festival, but you could even buy it for yourself, as this house is now for sale & looking for a new owner.

Ground Floor Lobby

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It is always exciting to have the latest M & R project debuting at the show. They are a huge inspiration to all miniacs & their commissions always include work by so many other KDF Exhibitors. Here is what Susan Mulvany says about their latest creation.

"Savage Manor is our quintessential English Manor house.Inspired by our American clients English ancestry, we have created her imagined ancestral family house.

With Tudor origins it has been developed by the family up to the 1700s. Every detail has an historical precedent - weve made up nothing - but we have reassembled gables from Trerice, brickwork from Blickling, fireplaces from Parham and a grand carved staircase from Eltham Lodge.

The house is filled with her existing collection of fine miniatures which have been specially shipped over for the show as well as specifically commissioned pieces including carved gilded chairs by Mark Gooch and silver fire irons by Jens Torp.

Residents, both family and servants and has grand rooms as well as a full basement of kitchen offices including a very grubby scullery, complete with greasy washing up!"

Ground Floor Hall Stage

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Here at KDF, we see so many versions of real life, reproduced in tiny scale. Though varied, what all these scenes have in common is the sense of order & calm that we dont often come across in the real world - this is one of the reasons why we love them.

However, we were excited to be approached by Direct Line about a project they have been working on with renowned American artists Nix & Gerber, who like to show a different side of life. Their scenes of buildings, houses & cities are devoid of humans & often show destruction & decay. Her latest project has been a collaboration with Direct Line, to highlight the issues around water damage to homes, which can be devastating.

Broken Dream House is a very ordinary childs dolls house, that shows, in perfect detail, the effects of flooding in a house. The fact that this is demonstrated with a child's toy, that usually represents a perfect existence, makes it all the more powerful.

The damage shown in this house is equivalent to £15 000-£20 000 of repairs, which could have taken place in as little as 30-60 minutes. Anyone who has experienced flooding will understand how quickly the damage can be done.

Lori Nix said: The opportunity to show how lives can be turned upside down by a leak in the home, through the medium of destroying a classic dream house was too irresistible for us. This work is a great example of how our miniatures can connect people to situations which are often too emotionally charged for them to effectively imagine. Were so proud of the Broken Dream House and cant wait for it to go on display.

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