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Perfection in Miniature Awards 2019

Photo: Nicola Mascall & Owen Davies with Show organiser Charlotte Stokoe


Nicola Mascall (Winner of the PIMA 2019 Closed Comp) & Owen Davies (Tutor at the Royal School of Needlework)

When we launched the PIMA Open Competition earlier this year, we wanted to encourage everyone to have a go at making miniatures & see what talented craftsmen we could find. The world of miniatures covers a huge range of skills & crafts, so we decided to narrow down the competition each year to one particular area of expertise. The Theme for 2019 was Needlework.

Even so, the scope for different skills to be showcased was huge. We wanted to see work from all sorts of different disciplines, knitting, crochet, patchwork, embroidery, lace-making etc & we werent disappointed. Entries began arriving from all over the world from as far afield as Mexico & Cambodia & the quality of the entries was truly stunning.

Owen summed up the competition perfectly:

The overall standard of the work & range of techniques was amazing. I would like to congratulate everyone who entered. In this fast world of techno speed, the art of making & creating should never be lost. It is vital that these skills are safe guarded & protected for the future generations. Well done everyone - what global talent! Long may it continue."

Here is a run down on the winners & highlights of the main PIMA Competition. Some of the items are for sale, please contact KDF if you are interested in purchasing any of the entries.

Photo: Turkish Ship Rug

1st Prize:

Turkish Ship Rug by Sue Resseguie (USA).

This rug was created using French knots, that replicate the look of a hooked rug. Owen commented The fine knots that made up this almost mosaic finish is outstanding"

For sale.

Photo: Crochet Opera Bag

2nd Prize

Crochet Opera Bag by Giovanna Guerrero (Mexico)

A silk crochet opera bag, with a green lining, adapted from an 1914 pattern. Nicola said Fabulous design & eveness of stitching. A joy! I particularly like the hanging balls

For sale.

Photo: Creation (knitted cardigan back)

3rd Prize

Creation (Knitted Cardigan) by Lynn Lumb (UK)

This piece was knitted over 12 months & includes over 50 000 stitches. It depicts the creation story & the 4 seasons. Nicola said Huge admiration for this piece. Very high skill level involved. I particularly admire the button band

Not for sale.


Photo: Crochet bedcover

Crochet Bed Cover by Christelle Debnar (UK).

Christelle is a regular visitor to the KDF, so it was lovely to see some of her beautiful work. Nicola said Exquisite crochet, perfect tension. I particularly like the eveness & design of the border

Not for sale.

Photo: Crazy Patchwork Quilt

Crazy Patchwork Quilt by Jenny Furlong (UK).

Another regular at KDF, this piece was not only a perfect patchwork, but also was covered in tiny, embroidered motifs. Owen commented Stitch detail & sharp corners on the patchwork. Well done!"

For sale.

Photo: Macrame Blanket & Pillows

Macrame Blanket & Pillows by Olga Surina (Cambodia)

This blanket was made from 164 threads which were dyed with natural herbs, for a vintage look. Owen said Loved this beautiful collection. Smart, sharp & even work."


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Perfection in Miniature Awards 2019
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Perfection in Miniature Awards
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