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Perfection in Miniature Awards

I:>PIMA-open-20-Rohits-Miniatures.jpg Runner up in 2016 PIMA Closed Comp, Rohit's Miniatures.

The PIMA Open Competition is back in 2020.

The Perfection in Miniature Awards began back in 2015 as a competition for exhibitors at all London Dollshouse Festival Shows to create something really special to be included in the PIMA display at KDF Summer in May. We then introduced the PIMA Open Competition in 2019, so that non exhibitors would have the chance to enter this competition. We were really pleased with the quality & variety of entries we received. The entries for the Open Competition are displayed at KDF Christmas.

Anyone can enter the PIMA Open Competition as long as they have not exhibited at an LDF show in the last 5 years. Each year we will focus on 1 particular area of expertise which will be CARPENTRY - FURNITURE for 2020. This will include all kinds of disciplines including carving, marquetry, inlaying, painted furniture, etc etc. (the furnitures main component must be wood). We will accept any piece of furniture from a chair to a sideboard, and from any era.

The prize will be a table at one of the LDF shows in 2021 + £500.

Judging for this part of the PIMA will take place prior to KDF Christmas. Closing date is November 5th 2020. Entries can either be dropped off at the Summer Show, or posted to the LDF offices. Winners will be announced at KDF Christmas & all entries will be on display in the PIMA Showcase at KDF Christmas.

If you are interested in entering this competition, or know someone who might be, please contact the LDF office at this address kdf@dollshousefestival.com. We can send you more information & an entry form.

The whole team behind the PIMA really want to make them an incredible event, celebrating our tiny world. Finally, here are the words of Ellie de Lacy on the PIMA 2017, which sums up what they are about so well.

For me, personally, I was absolutely thrilled to participate in PIMA and have my work on show alongside artisans who are some of the best in the world. So many people, traders and visitors, came to acknowledge my entry. It was a real buzz. PIMA encourage artisans to put forward their best work, it's a great discipline.

If you have any questions at all, please dont hesitate to contact us at LDF HQ.

You can download an entry form for the PIMA 2020 Open Competition here:


REMEMBER: The entries in the 2020 PIMA Closed Competition (LDF exhibitors only can enter) will be on display at KDF Christmas this year, where you will be able to vote for your favourite entries.

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