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Perfection in Miniature Awards 2019


Ahmed Al Thani, Madelva Fernandes de Rojas, Caroline Hamilton & Leslie Edelman


1st Prize £3000, 2nd Prize £1000, 3rd Prize £500, People's Choice Award £250

The PIMA Showcase at the Summer Show was a real highlight this year. The standard was as high as always & we had some really interesting entries. We were interested to note that there were lots of incredible needlework entries this year (including the winner). Don't forget there is still time to enter the PIMA Open Competition which is open to anyone who does not exhibit at our shows. The category this year is NEEDLEWORK & we have extended the closing date to June 30th. Click her for more information.

Here is a run down on the winners & highlights of the main PIMA Competition.

Photo: From Rome to Frome

1st Prize:

From Rome to Frome by Nicola Mascall.

This incredible work was a 1:24 scale replica of a tapestry that Nicola saw hanging in the Vatican Museum when she was there on holiday with her daughter. She decided she had to duplicate it in miniature. She spent many days/weeks drawing the plan & then stitching it in silk on 58 count silk gauze. What the judges all commented on was the subtle of the colours & shading.

Photo: Cased Ship

2nd Prize

Cased Ship by Paul Briggs

Regular visitors to the show will have all admired Paul's incredible selection of miniature ships in all sorts of cases & scenes. His entry this year was something really eye-catching. Based on a 4 masted 15th Century Elizabethan Galleon, it is displayed in a beautiful, elaborate glass cabinet. This was a project Paul started well over a year ago, but had to keep coming back to as he couldn't quite get it right.. until he decided to build the table upside down & this somehow worked.

Photo: Japanese Puzzle Box

3rd Prize

Japanese Puzzle Box by Jeremy Smith of Catmando Miniatures

Jeremy had a challenge this year to improve on his incredible winning entry in 2017 (a working, poseable artists mannequin) & he didn't disappoint creating an incredibly complex traditional Japanese puzzle box. The mechanism of this intricate little gem has 14 moves to open the box. It is not something easy to imagine from a photo.


Photo: Maid with Mop

Maid with Mop by Penny Thomson

Penny's entry came 3rd in the 2017 PIMA. This time, she recreated a scene from one of her favourite paintings by Rembrandt. Penny's ability to tell a story with her figures (made from paper mch) makes her work stand out.

Photo: 12th Scale Diorama

12th Scale Diorama by Sarah Heasman.

Sarah exhibited at the Christmas Show in 2018 for the 1st time, where we were struck by her beautiful dioramas & scenes with a country feel. Her PIMA entry follows this theme & shows her ability to create real atmosphere in her work. She mainly uses recycled & up cycled materials.

Photo: Silk Flower Sandals

Silk Flower Sandals by Valeria Bonami of Graffialuna

These delicate shoes were made using Japanese Somebana technique: every single petal and leaf has been cut out with scissors, hand painted & put in shape with a warm tool. You can even open the ankle straps.

Photo: Escarlate-Aubusson Rug

Escarlate-Aubusson Rug by Hong McKensie of Hanamini

Stitched on silk gauze using 40 count.When you pick it up, it has the feel of a thin piece of silk fabric. This took Hong 8 months to create & includes 64,512 stitiches.


Nicola Mascall also won the People's Choice Award.

Photo: Sedan Chair

2nd Place

Sedan Chair by Gale Elena Bantock

A model of an elaborate, hand painted sedan chair. This is loosely based on Regency/chinoiserie chairs of the early 18th Century.

Photo: Beatrix Potter's Hilltop Kitchen

3rd Place

Beatrix Potter's Hilltop Kitchen by Gayle Baillargeon of Petworth Miniatures

Gayle has reproduced, in quarter scale, the kitchen from Beatrix Potter's Lake District home. Based on photos & information kept by the National Trust it is seen pretty much as it was when Beatrix Potter lived there.

Photo: Candie Shop

3rd Place

Candie Shop by Betty Satori of Le Palais Deliceux

Betty has recreated the famous sweet shop in Paris "a la Here de Famille" (1761). It was a place she visited as a child & has many happy memories for her.

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