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A Pathway of Crumbs

Photo: Exterior of Kristin Baybars Shop in Gospel Oak.

Hidden away behind metal grills, peeling paint and the dusty window display of a north London shop, resides Kristin Baybars and her magical toyshop. Only the very curious and inquisitive ever take the time to ring the doorbell and enter.

The shop, known as The Aladdins Cave to all who love it, is crammed full of toys, games and thousands upon thousands of tiny miniatures for dolls houses. It is the last of its kind and has only survived because of the dedicated network of friends who love the shop & Kristins enthusiasm for every tiny thing inside, so much so, that a lot of items are not even for sale.

Kristin Baybars' story is a fascinating one. Brought up in an unconventional, artistic family, she has been a central figure within the toy-making community since the 1960s. As she reaches 83, how will this magical shop continue when Kristin is no longer able to keep it open?

The full length version of our film about Kristin is now available!

You can view the trailer & download your copy of the film here www.vimeo.com/ondemand/apathwayofcrumbs2?

..and order a DVD copy of the documentary here using this Paypal link:

PLEASE NOTE: Customers in the US & Canada may not be able to view our DVD as it is in PAL format. We recommend you download the film from the Vimeo link above.

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