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How to apply to exhibit at the Festival

If you think your work is suitable to exhibit at the Festival, we would love to see some samples of your miniatures. We do have high standards for the quality of work shown at the Festival, so we like to view everyone's work before putting them on our waiting list. We expect that most of the items you are planning to sell at the show will be either made by you or another craftsman. We do not accept large quantities of customised mass produced furniture, so if this is the majority of your stock, please contact us to discuss.

You can post your samples (including return postage fee if possible) to our office. We do not need to see hundreds of items, just send 2 or 3 pieces to give us an idea of the quality & detail that you sometimes can't see in pictures. Please also send/email details about yourself, how long you have been making, what other shows you attend etc along with some photos of your miniatures. We send out contracts approximately 6-8 months before an event, so please give us plenty of time to view your product. We will return your samples quickly as possible.

Another option is for you to show us samples of your work personally if you are planning on visiting the show. All you need to do is bring along a few items of your work & speak to a member of the KDF team when you arrive at the festival to arrange a time to show us your work.

As we have only a limited amount of space at Kensington Town Hall, we cannot offer everyone who wants a space the chance to exhibit. Each show we have 15-20 tables available for new & returning exhibitors, who will be chosen from our waiting list. We have to balance the show, making sure there is a wide range of items available, so some areas (eg dolls, food, fashion & flowers) will progress up the list more slowly as there is greater competition in these areas.

Once you have become an exhibitor at the Festival, you will automatically be offered a table at the same show the following year. If you are interested in doing 2 shows a year, you will be put on the waiting list again for the second show, until a table becomes available.

If you would like more information about exhibiting at the festival please email us.

Postal address for samples:


The Studio

70a Lawford Road

London N1 5BL

United Kingdom

Please include return postage fee or LDF will send you a paypal invoice for these costs.

The costs of exhibiting at our shows is as follows (please note that these are correct for the current show, but prices may increase slightly each year). Car parking will be the only extra cost. If you pay for your table in full within 3 weeks of receiving your contract you will be eligible for a £30 discount.

KDF Summer Festival - 2 day show (Middle of May)

1/2 x 6ft table £270

4ft table £360

6ft table £480

KDF Christmas Festival - one day show (end Nov/begin Dec)

1/2 x 6ft table £210

4ft table £255

6ft table £320

COL Festival * - 1 day show (end Jan/Begin Feb)

4ft table from £170

5ft table from £205

6ft table from £235

* These are prices for the last show. Prices may increase slightly

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