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Kristin Baybars


KDF are pleased to be celebrating the incredible Kristin Baybars at the Summer Festival. We have been working with Kristin to put together an exhibition of her very special collection of miniatures, accrued over the past 40 years.

The availability of dolls houses & miniatures blossomed in the 70s & 80s with the opening of several iconic shops. The Dolls House (which began its life in Marylebone before moving to Covent Garden in 1979, then to Northleach in Glos in 1995 - still open today), The Singing Tree in Fulham (closed in 2001) & Kristin Baybars shop in Gospel Oak. These shops made the new craze of dolls houses & miniatures available to a much wider audience & so the modern dolls house scene was born.

Kristins shop was always unique, as she would buy things she liked, not thinking about whether they would sell. Now, in this era of online shopping & disposable culture, it is more special than ever.

KDF regular, David Ward, is helping Kristin curate this exhibition and with the daunting task of searching though thousands of tiny items, collected over the past 40 years. They have focused mainly on miniatures made by makers who have now retired or are no longer making, so this could be the only chance to see some of these beautiful gems. To follow David's story on how he is putting this exhibition together see his Facebook page


This is the first time Kristins collection has been displayed & the first time Kristins shop will be open on the Sunday & Monday after the show, for anyone inspired to visit her shop for real.

Kristin Baybars A life of Toys Exhibition will be in the Ground Floor Lobby throughout the show.

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