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New Exhibitors at the Summer KDF 2018

Photo: Gabriel Eden James

We are really excited about the host of new & returning craftsmen that will be attending our Summer Show on May 11th & 12th. Our exhibitor list is now complete & floorplans will be posted here soon, so you can plan your visit in advance.

Here is a list of the new & returning exhibitors.

ALEMIKIMIKRI (IT) New to the Summer Festival, but already a big hit at our Christmas Show. Articles for artists, furniture & accessories for kitchen, bathroom & garden.


AMANSPEAK MINIATURES (UK) NEW EXHIBITOR. Returning to making miniature food after a break. This will be Amanda's 1st visit to our show.

ARJEN SPINHOVEN MINIATUREN (NL) NEW EXHIBITOR. A wide variety of furniture, frames, mirrors & other miniatures. 1:12 & smaller Scales.


ARTESANO PEDRO HIERRO (ES) NEW EXHIBITOR. Talented artisan creating furniture & metalwork. Stairs, beds, garden, railings etc.

CHRIS MINIATURES (FR) New to the Summer Festival. Christiane has attended the Christmas & COL shows before. A beautiful selection of needlework, embroidery, dresses & knitting.


FELIPE - ROYO ARTISANS (ES) Returning to Kensington after 6 years. A variety of miniatures including hand decorated furniture, Tiny dolls, linen & linen work. Ceramics etc..


GABRIEL EDEN JAMES (UK) NEW EXHIBITOR. Gabriel made his debut at the City of London Dollshouse Festival in January. Everyone was blown away by his detailed work. Don't miss his miniature mansions & room boxes.

GALEON MINIATURES (ES) NEW EXHIBITOR. Noble wood furniture, mid century & painted. Carpets, bedspreads, floors etc.


GEORGIA MARFELS (DE) Returning after a 6 year break with her witchy & spooky stuff, push moulds & glass domes.


HANA MINI.COM (US) NEW EXHIBITOR. Custom design petitpoint rugs, doormats, pillows, furniture & other items.


HEIDI OTT MINIATURES (UK) New to the Summer Festival. Heidi Ott joined us at Kensington for the 1st time last December. They are a well known brand for quality jointed & non jointed dolls, prams, furniture, chandeliers, assortment of lights & more!



NEW EXHIBITOR. Handmade & hand painted miniatures, mainly from the golden age of Swedish Gustavian.


INMA MINIATURAS (ES) New to the Summer Festival. Inma's hand stitched embroidery & Valencie lace is a joy.

JOACHIM KUHNER (DE) NEW EXHIBITOR. Finley detailed miniature paintings in oil, pencil drawings & hand painted porcelain.


KREATIVE ACRYLICS (US) NEW EXHIBITOR. Not sure how to display your miniatures if you don't have a dolls house? Kreative Acrylics supply custom acrylic/perspex items to display & show miniatures.


LE PALAIS DELICIEUX (FR) NEW EXHIBITOR. From the home of patisserie, come the most stunning confiseries, pains & fromages francais. Preseentoins Papeterier et courriers anciens.

MINI KNITTING & COLLECTABLES (NZ) NEW EXHIBITOR. Knitted eveything. Helena's tiny toys & knitted items are simply incredible.

MINIATURES MIRABILIS (FR) Brigitte has attended the Christmas Show at Kensington. Her hand embroidery & woodturning is so fine & delicate.



(IT) NEW EXHIBITOR. Gorgeous cakes, pastries & cats in polymer clay.


MINI MCGREGOR (UK) NEW EXHIBITOR. Perfect for all those finishing touches. You will find things here you would never have thought of, but they give your house the lived in look. A must see.


ONE TWELFTH SCALE (UK) NEW EXHIBITOR. John has not been making miniature furniture for long. His work is so authentic & well researched.


ROBIN BETTERLEY'S MINIATURES (US) NEW EXHIBITOR A very well known name in the US, so we are delighted that they are finally arriving in Kensington. High quality kits featuring laser-cut parts, 3D items & complete artwork.


SAY IT WITH FLOWERS (UK) NEW EXHIBITOR. Completely handmade flowers for garden & home.

TUMDEE DOLLSHOUSE MINIATURES (UK) NEW EXHIBITOR. Debuted at the City of London Festival in January. A well known name for affordable miniatures including a vast range of ceramics, food, flowers, garden furniture, glassware, cakes & DIY.


YOSH SAGI (BE) NEW EXHIBITOR. Very talented furniture maker, specialising in French, English & Swedish styles.

Photo: Robin Betterley's Miniatures

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