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KDF Online Showcase

Every year since 1985, the middle weekend of May, at Kensington Town Hall becomes the centre for all dolls house & miniatures enthusiasts & collectors. A place where you can come & meet some of the most talented artisans working today, creating tiny replicas of our world. A place where you can discuss your projects, get advice, get inspired & loose yourself in your own imagination.

Of course, it was not possible to host an event at Kensington Town Hall this year, so we have designed an online showcase to take its place. We hope this will give everyone a taste of what our show is about. We have had a huge amount of enthusiasm & support from our exhibitors, most of whose work will be part of the online event.


PLEASE NOTE: This link is only accessible until 5pm on Friday 24th July BST.

Please email us if you need help with the showcase. kdf@dollshousefestival.com

How does the Showcase work?

We recommend you view the showcase from a computer, laptop or tablet, although it is possible to view on a mobile phone too.

1: Once on the KDF Showcase site. Click on "Showcase" in the menu bar. Here you will find the gallery of exhibitors. Be aware that there are over 100 exhibitors taking part, so there is more than one page to view.Exhibitors are listed in alphabetical order.

2: At the top of the gallery of exhibitors, there is a search facility which you can use to locate the craftsmen you need quickly, either searching by name, country, or by what it is you are looking for.

3: Click on the craftsman you want to view. You will now be taken through to their personal page of the showcase.

4: Each craftsman will have a gallery of up to 12 photos, showing new work, or work that represents what they make. To view the photos in more detail, click on the image & you can then easily scroll through the enlarged pictures.

5: If you want to see more of their work, click on the SHOP button above the gallery of photos. This will take you through the the craftsmans website or etsy shop. NOTE: Not all craftsmen have an online shop.

6: If you are interested in purchasing items from the gallery, or just need to contact the maker with a question or about a commission etc, use the buttons below the images to email or phone the craftsman directly. You can also find links here to their social media pages etc.

7: Below the images, you will also find more information on the craftsman & their work.

8: PLEASE BE AWARE! Our exhibitors are based all around the world, so please think about time zones & when you are contacting them. They may be asleep, so be patient if they dont reply immediately.

A Pathway of Crumbs
Photo: Kristin Baybars in her shop in North London
Documentary about the life & work of Kristin Baybars


1:12 film about KDF
Watch our 20 minute video about the festival and the craftsmen who attend


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